Northshore Code and Coffee

August 16, 2017

Where, when and how?

Location: Hoosier Mama Pie Company & Dollop

Time: Every Friday, between 8:30am-4PM

Slack Invitation Link - We have a slack group that we all chat in. Invitation link never expires, and it's free to join :)

I've been working remotely for roughly 7 years now as of this post. In that time visits to an office became less frequent. So the normal watercooler talk and office life became another part of my day to maintain.

Living in Evanston, we have lots of talent. Being on the Northshore with Northwestern University and Loyola University in the neighborhood south there's a lot of students and residents. I wanted to create a space where anyone can meetup at a local coffeeshop and work together.

For the time being, this is not structured in anyway. Some days I am there all day, some days just the afternoons. I originally chose Friday as for the most part it's a slower day for everyone. This makes it easier to get some work done while still being able to engage with one another.

As the day closes, some of us head a block north to Sketchbook Brewery for a pint and to finish the day. This is a great family friendly micro-brewery and there's great craft sodas for anyone who isn't a fan of beer.

If this continues to grow, more arrangements may be made in regards to location and timing.