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Deployments and Clients

As my deployment processes evolve, I like to find new ways I can communicate valuable information to my clients. Of course, I like to automate this process as much as possible so I can focus on what I do best, writing code.

Using Laravel Forge easily allows one way of sharing statuses with its deployment notifications. With some clients, I have shared a Slack channel with them so they can see deployment statuses in real time.

A downside to this is when a deployment fails. Depending on your client they may start asking questions, even if you're already deploying a new fix.

Since most of my client projects are applications, I use versioned tags for "releases." I generate changelogs that compile a list of commits per release. Recently, I have decided to automate and integrate this into my deployment process.

Generating Changelogs

After a successful code deployment, I run this bash script which generates the current changelog. Once that is finished, I then trigger an Artisan command that sends an email to myself and the client with the changelog as an attachment.

Now whenever I trigger a deployment, my client receives a detailed changelog of what is in the current release. Along with the changelog the email itself is indication that the deployment has been finished.

This is all automated within my deploy script in Forge.

Only ten minutes of work to provide valuable and an informative information to my clients.