Running a family, running a product

At the time of this piece, I’ve had about 3 years of product engineering experience and have been a father for 1.5 years with another due any day. 

One evening I was slumped over my sink. My daughter had been sick all weekend so this Monday was very Monday like. I was barely passing at cleaning the dishes and I knew I had about 3 other things I had wanted to get done before the day was up.

I then realized I obviously couldn’t get all of these tasks done by end of the day, let alone get any time for myself. Which struck my developer brain as we “need to move this sprint.” A sprint being a block of tasks with a due date usually from 1-4 weeks.

Something had to give, important household tasks had to stay and trivial ones were out of the window. As the weeks went on I paid more and more attention to this pattern.

I noticed it, for the most part, directly matched routines and workflows I used at work. You know, except disgruntle clients I had an irritated daughter or wife..

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