My failed dessert

My problem

I needed a centralized repository of all my media, photos and misc data that can be automatically backed up both locally and to the “cloud.”

Intended solution

I’ve been itching to get back into Linux for years and figured this could be the chance. I doubled down on a Raspberry Pi and some external drives.

This failed miserably. Then face planted on the curb, then I curb stomped it and walked away.

I had so many issues trying to get the very basics to work. I spent so much time just getting Plex and my media and files accessible that I never even got to my photos or backup solution. The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic product, just not for me.

Problems I ran into:

  1. Read/write to HFS+ drives was a mess. FSTAB entries needed and still sometimes after a reboot the drives would re-mount in read-only mode.
  2. Plex transcoding never worked, which is the reason why I use Plex.
  3. I had to change library directories to store Plex Metadata on a separate drive, which would run into problems due to issue #1
  4. Every other day a random process would max out my 8GB SD card which would cripple the entire OS and Plex. The solution was a hard reset and to boot into command line mode and tinker to find the cause.
  5. Remote access with SAMBA took a bit to configure with the proper permissions and still contributed to causing problem #1. After transferring files remotely permissions for the entire drive for corrupted.

Actual solution

I hooked up an older Mac with the external drives I bought. Plex runs off this machine, the drives are accessible and Backblaze runs in the background. Linux isn’t for me, for the foreseeable future.

Future solution

27″ 5k iMac with loads of drives + Backblaze.

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