I don’t hustle – I’m motivated

This word in my community, I hate it. It’s become such a culture that for the most part I despise. It encompasses the idea that one should be constantly grinding at anything and everything.

To quickly move or push (someone) often in a rough way

The Webster dictionary defines hustle in a few simple ways, but the most commonly known definition is “to move or work in a quick and energetic way.” Which really could be translated to having passion in what you’re working on. When you are doing something you’re passionate about usually this is how you work. The work itself can energize and excite you.

Though the very first definition from Webster is “to quickly move or push (someone) often in a rough way.” Which I think is more of a representation of the tech community.

As a culture, we are encouraged to set high goals, overachieve and sometimes attempt the impossible. Which is ambitious and can at times be a healthy habit, but unfortunately most often it is not. We grind and grind and eventually burn out, retreat and then repeat.

I myself have succumb to this routine for years up until I brought home my first child. I’d go years without taking a personal day or even a worthy vacation.  I remember at one point, showing up to work sick.

Did I make advances in my career, absolutely. Though I stood still personally during those years. I didn’t travel, I didn’t relax, I didn’t go anywhere and do too much. I worked, then worked some more.

Now I like to use the words passionate and motivated when it comes to my work, as they’re more accurate. I still strive to be the best engineer, employee and teammate I can every time I sit at my desk. But I no longer let my life suffer.

I work to live

My job allows me to work-from-home. I get to have breakfast with my kids everyday. This alone is enough motivation for me to be the teammate that represents good communication and quality work.


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