Family standups


To coincide with a piece I wrote a bit a go, my family has evolved our discussions every morning into actual “stand ups.”

Every morning we have these discussions over coffee, and sometimes we revisit mid-way through the day to make sure we are on track or if we need to change plans.

Raising two children under two full time without family can be a challenge and this has proven to help keep priorities in check and everyone from feeling overwhelmed.

Everything is stored in a notebook in Evernote so every morning I duplicate yesterday’s notes and then alter.

  1. Schedule
    1. What is actually scheduled for today, be it meetings a doctors appointment or a playdate
  2. Agenda
    1. This list is limited to 3 tasks we’d like to accomplish today. Usually it’s 1 per parent then a joint task like going for a long walk
  3. Radar
    1. What does everyone need to be aware of and not forget but maybe not need to tackle for the next couple of weeks. A great example is getting the car inspected.
  4. Personal
    1. What can be done to maintain or improve each others’ sanity and happiness? Examples like more down time for playing games, or going on long bike rides alone, date nights etc.

We’ve found this keeps everything in check and flowing smoothly, not too many surprises other than what our children present each day.



  1. Spencer D

    This sounds great! What sort of organization do you use for the notebook itself? A new ‘note’ every day, or a new section in an ongoing note?

    • Anthony (Author)

      Right now a new note per day, I just duplicate yesterdays note ( titles are dates ). But right now I don’t like that logging technique, though that may be me being hypercritical haha. A new section in an on-going note could be good if I don’t keep historical data. It may be kinda cool to look back and see how the stand ups evolved. Still working on how to structure long term.

      • Spencer D

        Awesome – I’m trying something similar for planning lab work/data analysis. I’m using Trello for the top level task tracking on each project I’m working on, and a notebook in Evernote for daily task planning. (I really don’t like Trello for the minutia, but it’s great for big goals). Still working on figuring out the best method for my work style too! I like the idea of each day as a separate note, but it gets messy FAST.