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Hire More Veterans

For quite some time I’ve really wanted to launch this project. As any developer knows, there are a million things we start and very few see launch day. In truth I’ve never really officially launched anything besides a personal website/blog. I drew inspiration from my mother, whom I consider one of the strongest women I know. […]

2016 Heavy Rotations

Mostly rap/hip-hop this year. [2 Chainz] Hibachi for lunch; Daniel Son; Necklace Don [Bas] Too high to riot [Casey Veggies] Live & Grow [Chuuwee] Super Supreme [Chuuwee & Trizz] Amerikkas most blunted 1 & 2 [Curren$y] Stoned on Ocean; Canal St Confidential [Danny Brown] XXX [Dizzy Wright] The Growing Process [Drake] Views [JR Donato] Why So Serious? […]

Chicago Basements

Haven’t gotten to turning on my decks since my son was born, but I did go back and check my previous recordings. This was inspired by some good nights/mornings in Chicago winters.

Make it work

For years when working on projects, both personally and professionally, I’d cripple myself with semantics and best practices. It’s far too common in the development industry to feel bombarded with best practices and receive backlash from the community/workplace when all of those best practices are not your standard. What I have come to learn from this is that, […]

Don’t be an asshole – pay for software

I along with thousands of others have received an email from Evernote, notifying me that the current plan I’m on will be changing. The change will most likely incur a fee based on my usage. Like a lot of software shops lately, Evernote is rethinking how to prioritize and move their product forward in a […]