Why I think Zootopia is amazing

At the time of this aside I think the play count on this movie is up to about 12 in my household. My daughter can’t get enough of it and frankly neither can I. I love that this movie uses this super in depth and creative world, the city of Zootopia, as a vehicle to surface […]

I prefer the console

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer, especially lately, but I have been around the nerd block for quite some time. I always played on a PC until about the Xbox 360. PC games were so accessible and relatively cheaper than console games, even before Steam got a lot of traction. There was also a lot of […]

Be careful how you implement

Above is a generic but basic software development project life cycle. If you’ve worked in or have been exposed to the software industry, you’re more than likely familiar with this model above. This is the development life cycle of a project between two parties. While I personally think the “Requirement gathering” phase is the utmost important, […]

Running a family, running a product

At the time of this piece, I’ve had about 3 years of product engineering experience and have been a father for 1.5 years with another due any day.  One evening I was slumped over my sink. My daughter had been sick all weekend so this Monday was very Monday like. I was barely passing at cleaning […]

Back to WP

Through the years, I’ve constantly moved my “blog” or “writings” onto different platforms. Half baked custom CMS(s) I wrote then bailed on, Kirby, PyroCMS (shoutout to the codeigniter days), WP. I love the idea of flat file CMSs, though in most recent days I don’t have the energy to follow through with it’s relatively small, but […]